Nakia Dewberry

Nakia Dewberry is a mother, entrepreneur, student, and lifestyle enthusiast. She founded her consulting firm NSD Enterprise (formally Dewberry Marketing & Communications) in 2013, specializing in marketing (digital and print), event planning, project management and content creation. Through her experience as a consultant, she has worked with higher-ed institutions, non-profits, and startup companies. She enjoys being able to facilitate the needs of her clients and finding new, and innovative ways, to help them broadcast their services.

Nakia has obtained her bachelors in Digital Marketing Management and is currently pursuing her MBA, with a focus in entrepreneurial studies and innovative practices.  She has attended both Hampton University (Onxy 7) and Bay Path University.

​In 2017 Nakia returned back to direct sales, showing others the way to financial freedom, through residual income. When she is not expanding her direct sales business, she is consulting her many loyal and retail customers obtain their desired health, weight loss, beauty, and lifestyle results.

Nakia has launched the hashtag #singlemamachronicles to highlight the life of single mothers and to create a commuity.  The hashtag #singlemamachronicles birthed MY SINGLE MAMA CHRONICLES, a spin off from Simply Nakia. It is a look into the life of a single mompreneur who loves to bargain shop, share tips and be a doting mom, sharing her mom wins and sometimes failures, business trips and all the chaotic and random things that encompass what it means to me a mom and single.

Princess Maleeya

My world is centered around my wonderful Princess Maleeya. She is a princess by self declaration, manifestation and of course because her mama is a Queen. She is a loving four year old who loves, gymnastics, all things princess and her baby dolls Alex & Tiana. Maleeya has been the missing piece to my crazy world; I enjoy every minute of our journey together.


Self Discovery

Life is just a beach

Part of our journey incorporates self discovery. While I want to provide all of the answers and prevent every booboo, life is not set up that way. On our life journey together, we practice self-discovery and cognitive thinking to develop comprehension and off paper! What is life, if you do not understand the world around you?


Fun & Thrills

Life is a rollercoaster

Every once in awhile... well often. Life has to have fun and excitement. As a mom, I try to balance out our fun, learning and development. We love excitement, we love fun and we enjoy a great time full of smiles and laughter.



All who wander are not lost

One of our daily manifestations is " I am a leader, I do not follow. I am a Princess who is smart, blessed and full of black girl power". I believe positive affirmations help to create a positive mindset. If we raise our children to understand the importance of mindset, we raise them to be the future leaders!

Want to learn how I earn money from home as a single mom?

Being a mompreneur has opened up many doors and the most important is the door to more time and freedom. Come find out if you have the key to open this door for yourself...