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The Slay Squad is a team designed to help mentor and guide you into your role of entrepreneur. Here you will learn the basic steps to jump start your business and allow you the opportunity, to begin earning income from home.

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Nakia Dewberry

 I am your  Wellness and Beauty Ambassador ready to help you achieve your personal goals.  Before I started this journey, I underestimated the possibility of owning my own time.  Like many of you, I quickly grew tired of  living paycheck to paycheck and giving away my time to jobs, who underpaid, and underappreciated me.
Now I understand the value of MY time, while I am working towards financial freedom and I want to help YOU do the same.

​Are you tired of working for a job that doesn’t appreciate you? Or maybe a  9-5 isn’t for you. If so this is a great opportunity to break in your entrepreneur shoes and start your journey to financial freedom. Since I have begun this journey, I am now able to work from home (most often from my phone) sharing my favorite products with all of you, and for those looking to improve your health and wellness or shop my favorite beauty products, I'd love to share how I lost over 20 pounds in 45 days and worked on improving my skin and beauty regimen. There truly is something for everyone, it's up to you to decide your journey!

I look forward to speaking with you about your personal goals and how we can convert them into realities!