Welcome to the Keto Cafe

Welcome to the Keto Cafe

Have you heard about the keto lifestyle? Lately it seems to be the next big craze, but unlike all the others, Keto is not new. So what is keto? Keto is short for ketogentics and is the process in which your body uses ketones for energy. I know that was absolutely not in “english”, basically your body used fat for energy opposed to carbs.

How does it work.

The keto lifestyle is a high fat low carb diet. So basically when you reduce your carbs this is what shifts your body into ketosis. It has been about 2 months since I have been keto and boy have I had my slip ups, but with every slip up I have bounced back and have been seeing some create results. I will be updating my keto tips, recipes and more so stay tuned.

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