Why I decided to return to direct sales.

Why I decided to return to direct sales.

I originally started my journey in network marketing in 2013. I must admit, I had no idea what I was signing up for. A college friend was a distributor and mentioned I could not only get a discount when I ordered products, but could earn income as well. My thoughts were, “Bet!”. Shortly after I joined, my friend quit before  I had  a chance to be introduced to my team or learn the business.

Let me tell you, this is not normal when you join a company. Usually the person who enrolls you, helps guide you through your journey and serves as a mentor. This is a business where no gets left behind, because teamwork truly helps us all be successful.  Over time, I learned about the business and starred promoting (pay ranks).


I even tracked down my team and began networking, building with them and everything was great! But then life came knocking, and boy did it knock hard. Like some of you can surely relate, life happens. 2016 was a “no good rotten terribly bad year, full of heart ache, loss and disappointment. I felt as if I was hit blow by blow.
Now here we are in 2017 and I can tell you I have done a lot of praying and soul searching throughout the year. One thing that always came up in moments of prater and brainstorming of ways to overcome my rut, was my direct sales business. I had developed so many memories and friendships I missed. I also  began to realize the reason things seemed more expensive was because, I was no longer receiving my residual income and bonuses.

So why did I return back to direct sales and why it works? After months of prayer, I decided to return to direct sales because I realized some important things about myself.





Once  realized these things, the decision to return was easy! But why it works? During my time away from the industry several different direct sales companies prospected me. While they had great pitches or gimmicks, they all missed what I really appreciated about It Works. For starters, It Works is a faith based company. They are a company that understands the importance of faith and incorporates this into their company and business ethics. Outside of loving the company, I love the messages they  promote. There are not a “sell sell sell, they are a: let me help you get out of debt or work on your goals type of business. With a company that cares about its customers and distributors, it is easier to stand behind their mission and push my business.

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